Saturday, December 23, 2017

Happy Holidays!

These kiddos sure know how to get me into the holiday spirit! Excitement leading up to our break was contagious. What fun to be young and enjoy the magic of the season! Despite the energy we were still productive and busy! Travel Trott Scott sent a special package to us to help us explore different holidays around the world. We learned about  Hannukah, Kwanza, Christmas, Chinese New Year & Las Posadas. We were also scheduled to visit England and India, but we ran out of time- maybe next year! This fit nicely with our cultural study and helping children respect and better understand other cultures. 

We had an excellent class party thanks to our room moms and help from our families! We created sugar cookie goodies and decorated special cards for our loved ones. Thank you all for your support! 

In carrying on a longstanding 1/2 Y tradition, we also made some time to create winter centerpieces together-we were real naturals! Using winter greenery including White Pine, Balsam, Douglas Fir, Silver Fir, Boxwood, a touch of shiny decorations and pinecones we had our own festive arrangements.  Don't forget to water them and hope they bring some holiday cheer to your home! 

See you in 2018! 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fall Fun!

We had a busy end of the month celebrating Halloween and snuck in a little bit of pumpkin fun too. We were eager to share our insect and pumpkin character projects with each other. Hope you had fun creating them at home too! It was a nice way to wrap up our fall units on the life cycle of the Monarch/insects and pumpkins. 

Check them out! Also, here is the link to our Halloween Party pics in case you missed it earlier- thank you Mrs. Lyons!  Our room moms put on an awesomely fun party for us. Thanks for all of your support too with yummy food and a helping hand.  

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Classroom Promise

It is hard to believe we are almost into November! We have spent our first few weeks getting to know each other and create a comfortable, engaging learning environment. Taking the time to create our routines and expectations together is critical in setting a foundation for a productive year of growth. Encouraging children to take an active role in this process creates leadership, independence and "buy in." We have learned what it means to be a "bucket-filler" and show care and concern for others. We worked together to create expectations for our classroom and break down "rules" so we understand what behavior is expected. Recently we learned this classroom promise, which sums up our values and expectations. 

When we care about each other and our classroom we share what we have, listencarefully, help each other learn, work hardand have fun together. We understand that everyone makes mistakes, that we stand upfor ourselves and each other, and when someone asks us to stop we stop. This is who we are even when no one is watching. 

We also discussed the 3 B's....well actually they became the 5 B's 
Ask us what it means to be safe, respectful, responsible, peaceful & creative! 
Be Safe  (Safe bodies, Kind words, Good choices) 
Be Respectful  (Eye contact, Listen, Follow directions)
Be Responsible  (Be honest. Take care of ourselves. Take care of each other. Take care of materials. Do quality work.)
Be Creative- Use your imagination & try new things. 
Be Peaceful- Include others-Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Monarch Butterflies

I am sure you have heard about all the excitement in 1/2 Y the past few weeks! I have throughly enjoyed this unit and I think the kids have as well! :) We came across a few challenges trying to raise the monarchs in the warmer weather... it lead to some teachable moments! 

We have been amazed to see the lifecycle of the monarch take place right before our very eyes. We have seen our caterpillars getting bigger by the day by munching on milkweed. Once they are ready to turn into a butterfly they hang into a j shape as they prepare to make their chrysalis. Although both transformed over night we have had the opportunity to see some time lapse videos of what it would look like. Each day we have arrived, we were eager to check out our butterfly habitat to see if there were any changes overnight. We learned that when the Monarch is ready to emerge their chrysalis goes from green to black and then becomes translucent. This stage takes about 10-14 days before the butterfly is ready to hatch. Unfortunately our butterfly friends decided to spring into action while we were out of the room- both times! We said "adios" as they flew off on their long journey to Mexico. Did you know that butterflies migrate about 3,000 miles each fall to a warmer climate for winter?!? Amazing! We will wrap up our lifecycle unit by focusing a bit on insects as well! Here are some of our beautiful Monarch creations- enjoy! 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Hello Multiage Families! I hope you're enjoying your summer! I can't believe it is almost back to school time! I am looking forward to seeing some of my old friends and meeting our new friends as well! Over the next few days, you should be receiving a letter in the mail with some information about myself and our classroom! I also included some back to school activities if you're looking for some ways to integrate learning during the day. You can find copies of this information under the beginning of the year link. Don't forget about our school/town summer reading program as well! 
We will have an open house on Friday, August 25th from 2:30-3:30 followed by a back to Ice Cream Social. Stop by anytime to check out our classroom! Our first day of school is Monday, August 28th! We still have some time before we return- soak up the sunshine! 

We will be learning about the lifecycle of the Monarch Butterfly! Looking forward to a fun year of learning!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of our awesome days! We had so much fun creating a special gift for you- it was so nice to hear how special you are to your kiddos. Hope you have a wonderful day! 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Field Day

Boy was this field day one for the records- 90 degrees, lots of sun and most of all fun! Thank you Mr. B and all our parent volunteers for a great time. We certainly stayed active and got out lots of energy despite the hot temperatures. It was a nice way to tie up our year together- I loved seeing the sportsmanship and teamwork from this group and joining together with 4th grade friends. I am sure we came home exhausted! Looking forward to our last week together!